About Us

nick and yvan

 I’m Nick, and I co-founded DIY Detail with Yvan Lacroix — and I just want to say THANK YOU for checking out our website and supporting our dream.

As a pro detailer, I was always after the best products. I hosted Yvan for a training at my shop back in 2019, and we had an instant connection. I brought the passion for all things detailing, and Yvan brought the industry experience — the common sense approaches and efficiency expertise that he developed over decades of detailing. We made a great team, and as I interviewed him on my YouTube channel people commented that they really liked our back-and-forth approach to teaching and understanding detailing.

Over the years, we continued to stay in touch — and in 2021 our dreams finally became a reality. A pro-grade product line (good enough for me, and I’m a picky detailer) that was easy enough for anybody to use. When I spoke with Yvan, I wanted this to be something so simple that I could teach my dad how to use it. And that includes polishing paint!

The fact that you're supporting that dream means the world to us.


Detailing Made Easy

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