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Introducing the new normal!

3,5 and 8 years ceramic coatings

The Legacy Sponge

Developed by Yvan

The Ultimate Rinseless Wash

30 years in the making.


1 polish. 2 pads.
Introducing the The DIY Detail Gold Standard Polishing System.
Nick and Yvan teamed up to bring you a simple system for success: The 3 part system has 1 polish with 2 pads. The Gold Standard Polish is an innovative spray polish with with plenty of cut and a ton of working time. The Gold Standard polish doesn’t dust and has no fillers, making it ideal to prepare your paint for a ceramic coating.
The two Gold Standard pads are engineered to compliment the Gold Standard Polish. The Purple Hybrid wool/foam pad for heavier scratches. The Gold Standard Waffle Pad will achieve a surprising amount of cut and give you the mirror finish you’ve always dreamed of.